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Pink Microwave

Some people may think it's silly to look for a pink microwave, but I disagree with this. I started yearning to own one the first time I set my eyes on a picture. Thus started my quest of finding a working pink microwave. Though not easy, it was entirely worth the effort since having the microwave in my kitchen gave it an awesome appearance.

There are very many different microwaves on the market, all sporting their own design and colours. Choosing one can be quite a task if you don't know what you want. The most popular microwave colours are black, white and blue. However, if like me you want to give your kitchen a girly look, then you should try the pink microwave.

Pink Microwave

Is finding a pink microwave really that easy?

Finding a new pink microwave isn't so easy either. This is because many manufacturers only release limited editions of this colour and they are quickly sold out. Instead, try finding a used one. You can troll through auction and classified sites such as eBay and craigslist respectively. Check out as many microwaves as you can find and don't just rush to purchase the first one. This way, you get to compare different prices and qualities which will help you make an informed decision when finally purchasing one. You also get to choose whatever shade you fancy. Remember there are many different shades of pink and all these are used in different pink microwaves. A 1980s styled neon pink one for instance will give your kitchen a much different look from the 1950s-1960s pastel shade. Ensure that the shade you choose blends with other items in the kitchen as well as satisfy your own taste.


An overview of the pink microwave

Many people who are obsessed with owning a rare pink microwave get frustrated when they fail to get one soon enough. Exercise patience and you may just come across that ad you have been waiting for. If this happens, bid decisively. Avoid the temptation to paint your white, black or blue microwave pink. This could actually cause a fire since a lot of heat and radiation is emitted by the microwave. Remember some paints are very combustible.


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